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This non-profit, tax-exempt Foundation under the control of a private board, with Dr. Kauvar's son Lawrence Kauvar acting as Chief Executive Officer, will use its resources to:

Reinforce the value of the partnership between the art and the science of medicine.
Build an awareness of the part health plays in daily lives and that excellence of health care may well be considered a universal treasure.
Sponsor research and experiment with new ideas in patient care and health delivery.
Demonstrate the value of innovative projects.
Assist in the establishment of training and educational goa
Provide a public forum with an emphasis on prevention of disease and on "wellness" maintenance.

Executive Committee:

Lawrence Kauvar, CEO
Kenneth Kauvar, Secretary
James Hanegan
Jim Hertel
Phil Hogue
Rodney Wicklund
Ronald Zall

Honorary members:

Joan Chorney
Malcom Crawford
Jane Kauvar
David Kauvar
Dan Ritchie
Faye Schayer

With thanks to past Board members:

Dave Ferguson
Duane Pearsall
Meyer Saltzman